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ADDITIONAL 20% increase in reply rates | Familiarity

Have you ever been at a party and met someone that went to the same University as you / or had the same boss?


You felt an instant connection, didn’t you?


This is the 7th principle of influence called Unity, used by leading sales experts to build relationships.


The latest "familiarity" update will find over 14 similar data points between 2 Linkedin profiles to build instant bonds.


👩‍🏫. Based on Degree


I saw that you graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering, just like myself. What made you go down this field?


🎓 Based on University


Awesome to connect with someone who also went to UNSW. Always good to see my alma matter doing well in their career.


🗣 Based on Language


So good to come across someone who also speaks Spanish and Telugu. Which one do you usually speak at home?


💼. Based on Past Job


Great to see we both share Nike as a common point in our careers. Who was the manager when you were there?


📃 Based on Certifications


Good to find other people who’ve also gotten their Java Associate Developer SE7 certification, like I did. Hopefully it helped you with work.


⛑. Based on Volunteer work


Noticed that we both share our passion for volunteering at the Red Cross. Good on you for giving your time for a good cause.


📍 Based on Location


Saw on your LinkedIn profile that you're based in Sydney, same here. Have you been to The Quay ? Heard amazing things about it.



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