New updates and improvements to smartwriter

  1. Save Another 18 Hrs/wk With Scheduled Batch Automations

    Batch scheduling lets you automatically enrich your Gsheets on a schedule.


    Add leads to your GSheets and set up an auto-scheduler.


    Setup a batch process detailing when you want SmartWriter to find new leads you added to your Gsheet


    Click Start and sit back and enjoy end to end system automation.


    Your AI output will be automatically pushed to GSheets like clockwork




    Full tutorial here: 




  2. This Update Will Affect You

    We've absorbed your feedback, the exports of CSVs and Pushing Data to email providers will be significantly easier

    If you push data directly to your CRM, read on (it's epic)

    From now on end, when you export via CSV all data will be formatted in




    Where EMAIL1 will be our AI preferred output always

    Email2, EMAIL3 will be available as well using LinkedIn/SmartScripts based on the priority you select.


    The docs have also been updated to give you instructions on implementing this with your email provider.


  3. Personalise Multiple Follow Up Emails & More!




    Some big tings happened since you logged in and i'm here to spill the beeeeeaaaans:


    1) Multiple Follow Up Email Personalisation for Smart Scripts 😱

    The game's changed, multi sequence personalisation has seen some customers see a FURTHER 70% bump in replies + appointments too


    Imagine achieving the following in just one click


    First Email: Intro using their recent podcast appearance

    Second Email: Personalise using their company's VC funding

    Third Email: Based on their recent LinkedIn Post


    That's right, follow up personalisations for SmartScripts are now live 🚀multi-sequence.


    Screen Shot 2021-12-23 at 9.44.07 pm



    Once generated, push the data directly to your favourite email provider or download the CSV.


    The CSV is formatted for automation, so all you need to do is map email_a(b), follow_up_email_1_a(b), etc...


    The a/b are simple alternate variants, you can map either or at will without needing to review.


    2) BONUS: LinkedIn Follow Up Emails Automation

    We get it, mapping those pesky LinkedIn columns was cumbersome, some people have bio's missing and others have recent activity missing. So how do we get consistency for follow ups?


    Simple, we've formatted the output for you so your CSVs are optimised for automation. Now with LinkedIn, when you "Export" you'll be given an option to "Export for automation"


    You can now use LinkedIn to generate follow up email sequences with 0 added effort.

    Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 2.23.06 pm


    Map the above column headers with your email CRM and you're off printing money.



    3) Natively Integrate Lead Lists

    You no longer need to do yucky import/exports for Lead List data. Its added as a native option for you to select from

    Screen Shot 2021-12-23 at 5.18.20 pm


    4) Other updates


    • The app response rate is faster
    • You are only charged for Deep Enrichment when we get data beyond the website, AKA news, case studies or blogs
    • Woodpecker is now available as an email sending service
    • AI updates and innacuracy fixes

  4. Deep Enrichment - Over 126 Data Points For Personalisation



    Biggest Update Since Launch

    ~1 Hour of research done for you in seconds


    Its almost 2022 and just using {{firstName}} in your emails, just won't work.


    Our mission was to always build you the highest ROI B2B sales product.


    Deep Enrichment brings you closer to that vision.


    Over 2.6 billion pages are scraped to find data about your prospect, you can use to enrich your entire email sequence.


    Use the data during phone calls to build rapport and close deals as well.



    🤯45 minutes of research done in 15 seconds


    Here's what you'll access per lead in 1 click:


    ✅ LinkedIn Data (Company data, Education, Location, Experience, and much more)


    ✅ Individual Podcasts, News Mentions, Article mentions, Blog mentions, Webinars, Medium blogs and more


    ✅ Company level News, Case studies, Blogs and data



    💡 What can you do with this rich data?


    ✅ Use them as custom variables for all your email sequences and follow ups


    ✅ Jumping on a lead call? Quote their podcast/medium blog and watch their face light up


    ✅ Enrich your entire customer CRM with powerful, fresh and accurate lead data. API and CSV integrations.



    Do the job once, and have a sequence that works in perpetuity. Connect your favourite CRM.

    Client work becomes a snap. Sit back and watch the leads convert to customers.



    👉👉👉👉👉 Here's a quick demo of its power!


  5. Smart Selections for CSV outputs

    We've heard your feedback about your pursuit for automation. The biggest issue you had was having to siff through and select your favourite.


    We introduced the "primary selected output" via the flag option but NOW you have AI selections.


    All CSVs for Linkedin will contain a dedicated column called SW_SELECTED_OUTPUT which will have the "best" option chosen by Smartwriter for you.

  6. ADDITIONAL 20% increase in reply rates | Familiarity

    Have you ever been at a party and met someone that went to the same University as you / or had the same boss?


    You felt an instant connection, didn’t you?


    This is the 7th principle of influence called Unity, used by leading sales experts to build relationships.


    The latest "familiarity" update will find over 14 similar data points between 2 Linkedin profiles to build instant bonds.


    👩‍🏫. Based on Degree


    I saw that you graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering, just like myself. What made you go down this field?


    🎓 Based on University


    Awesome to connect with someone who also went to UNSW. Always good to see my alma matter doing well in their career.


    🗣 Based on Language


    So good to come across someone who also speaks Spanish and Telugu. Which one do you usually speak at home?


    💼. Based on Past Job


    Great to see we both share Nike as a common point in our careers. Who was the manager when you were there?


    📃 Based on Certifications


    Good to find other people who’ve also gotten their Java Associate Developer SE7 certification, like I did. Hopefully it helped you with work.


    ⛑. Based on Volunteer work


    Noticed that we both share our passion for volunteering at the Red Cross. Good on you for giving your time for a good cause.


    📍 Based on Location


    Saw on your LinkedIn profile that you're based in Sydney, same here. Have you been to The Quay ? Heard amazing things about it.



    Start Using It Now

    👉 Here's the guide on activating this: => guide 💥


  7. Free LinkedIn Autoconnection Requests

    You can now easily auto connect with your leads using our free chrome extension (unlimited connections)


    This means you can now, find leads, personalise, inject templated handle bars and generate fully written messages which you can...


    Automatically send using SmartWriter 


  8. 🤯Unlimited LinkedIn Scraping


    LinkedIn is the hotbed for sales and lead gen, with the world's decision makes actively logging on.

    With Sales Navigator you can scrape UNLIMITED LinkedIn profiles


    We've given you FREE email verifications (based on your account 10-30k verified emails)


    Handled reverse proxy and IP scramble, improving email finding accuracy to 95% (always being improved

    Checkout the quick demo right here 


    And the Chrome Extension can be found here 


  9. Outreach in multiple languages

    You can now send outreach messages in the following languages







    You can go to your profile and change the language from there


    Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 10.24.48 pm