New updates and improvements to smartwriter.

  1. The biggest update we've made to our core feature, personalised icebreakers

    You've asked and we've listened very carefully

    Now our AI reads your prospects:

    ✅ Case Studies

    ✅ Blogs

    ✅ News

    ✅ Website/Business data (i.e what we do already)

    To deliver an extremely unique and ultra-personal icebreaker so you can build relationships with your leads at scale in 1 click part?

    💥 You can reorder the priority to match your need and preference

    Go ahead and experience the all-new model that gets you outputs like this:

    For Stripe:

    Based on news:

    Caught your Cointelegraph article on the dearth of crypto payments in Africa - Stripe is a global payments company, so it's really exciting to hear about the initiative!

    For Windowtorecovery (agency):

    Based on case study:

    Nice work on implementing a keyword strategy that got Riverwalk Ranch 13x more clicks from search. I think this is the future of marketing


    Not only that you now have custom diction choices for intros!

    Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 1.22.28 am
  2. You asked and we delivered!

    We now have GSheets integration live so you can automatically export all your data to your favourite Google Sheet

    This opens up a host of opportunities and conveniences for you

    You can use Zapier triggers to automate flows with your favourite email services now!

    Quick video here for you:

  3. If you're struggling to get a unique and punchy pitch about your product or business we've got the perfect fix for you

    Excited to release Product Value Propositions

    This is technically not a standalone feature this is part 1 of a much bigger fish which will be launched next week

    It'll blow your socks away and it has to do with the Linkedin Outreach

    However, for now, enjoy this unique nifty tool that solves the age-old problem of the "elevator pitch" people struggle with


    Rolling in hot next week

    🔥 LinkedIn Enhanced Product Pitch (part 2)

    🔥 Gsheets updates

    🔥 Tweet reply generator (similar to IG)

    🔥 Podcast personalisation generator

    You'll be able to find this feature in the Outreach section 🙂

  4. We're excited to launch V1 of the Personalised Backlink Icebreaker that uses multiple AI / NLG models to understand blogs, find unique points and generate outputs that look like you've spent time reading into a blog (all with 1 button click)

    Watch the tutorial here and check out our full suite of guides and blogs as well

    In addition to this, you can now upload CSVs to cold emails that was previously done manually!


    There's ALOT of exciting features rolling out soon and the team is very keen to bring them to you

  5. Okay so much has happened....*inhales deeply*

    Feature Updates

    • Linkedin Personalisation Outreach is live
    • Instagram Personalisation outreach is out
    • Personalisation using Google Reviews is live (if you're targetting offline businesses)
    • We have a new credit system that gives you a bigger bang for your $, here's the video
    • Users can download CSVs with selected fav fields

    UX Updates

    • You can remove salutations from the personalisations
    • The "progress" section of the results page gives you more data on what the AI generation status is
    • We remove duplicates for your CSV uploads

    Game-changing Upcoming Features

    • Backlink personalisation. (If you do SEO you know the importance, our personalised engine will make you look like you spent hours reading their content, NO - MORE - TEMPLATING)
    • CSV upload for cold emails (Alot of you asked for this)
    • Linkedin Cookie roll over i.e someone can add multiple cookies and our engine will be smart to roll through them on a daily limit, effectively removing "daily limits" - this will be available on subscription only
    • G Sheets integration


  6. Hello! We come again with some goodies!

    First one

    is a UX update, you can now easily search for file names from your project dashboard, you can do both file names as well as the file type

    Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 2.22.16 pm

    Second one

    is you can now select which output from your personalised icebreaker outreach or LinkedIn outreach is your favourite. All you have to do is select the checkbox of your favourite one

    Don't worry we will still export ALL of your outputs, however we'll create an extra column called "selectedIcebreakers"

    This way you can track your favourite outputs straight from our app instead of manually selecting them once you've downloaded it

    Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 2.27.59 pm

  7. Previously when you uploaded CSVs we've spit out a new CSV and you'd have to match the two together, more work eugh

    We hate more work

    We fixed that now, so whenever you upload a CSV, our data and output is appended onto your CSV :) so it flows in harmony!

    Loads more updates coming up soon! Keep watching this space

  8. You can now generate output in multiple different languages. i.e you can dominate different markets with your content while only speaking English!

    Just remember, if you want your output in French, you need to write in French. And the same applies for all the languages we have available

  9. Since you last logged in, we've launched a credit refund system for you.

    Whenever an input is corrupt, empty or really incorrect (happens due to AI) we don't want you to lose any credits. Just click the refund button, explain what happened, and our team will manually review it

    You can check the status for your refunds in the file itself or in your Profile -> Refunds tab