New updates and improvements to smartwriter

Deep Enrichment - Over 126 Data Points For Personalisation



Biggest Update Since Launch

~1 Hour of research done for you in seconds


Its almost 2022 and just using {{firstName}} in your emails, just won't work.


Our mission was to always build you the highest ROI B2B sales product.


Deep Enrichment brings you closer to that vision.


Over 2.6 billion pages are scraped to find data about your prospect, you can use to enrich your entire email sequence.


Use the data during phone calls to build rapport and close deals as well.



🤯45 minutes of research done in 15 seconds


Here's what you'll access per lead in 1 click:


✅ LinkedIn Data (Company data, Education, Location, Experience, and much more)


✅ Individual Podcasts, News Mentions, Article mentions, Blog mentions, Webinars, Medium blogs and more


✅ Company level News, Case studies, Blogs and data



💡 What can you do with this rich data?


✅ Use them as custom variables for all your email sequences and follow ups


✅ Jumping on a lead call? Quote their podcast/medium blog and watch their face light up


✅ Enrich your entire customer CRM with powerful, fresh and accurate lead data. API and CSV integrations.



Do the job once, and have a sequence that works in perpetuity. Connect your favourite CRM.

Client work becomes a snap. Sit back and watch the leads convert to customers.



👉👉👉👉👉 Here's a quick demo of its power!