Okay so much has happened....*inhales deeply*

Feature Updates

  • Linkedin Personalisation Outreach is live
  • Instagram Personalisation outreach is out
  • Personalisation using Google Reviews is live (if you're targetting offline businesses)
  • We have a new credit system that gives you a bigger bang for your $, here's the video
  • Users can download CSVs with selected fav fields

UX Updates

  • You can remove salutations from the personalisations
  • The "progress" section of the results page gives you more data on what the AI generation status is
  • We remove duplicates for your CSV uploads

Game-changing Upcoming Features

  • Backlink personalisation. (If you do SEO you know the importance, our personalised engine will make you look like you spent hours reading their content, NO - MORE - TEMPLATING)
  • CSV upload for cold emails (Alot of you asked for this)
  • Linkedin Cookie roll over i.e someone can add multiple cookies and our engine will be smart to roll through them on a daily limit, effectively removing "daily limits" - this will be available on subscription only
  • G Sheets integration